DeRouchey Agricultural & Legal Consulting

My Experience at a Glance

  • 10 years of providing documented research and expert witness testimonies in depositions and trials for lawyers on agricultural issues.
  • 34 years as Farm/Ranch Business Management Instructor at Mitchell Technical Institute.
  • 3 years as an Agricultural Loan Officer.
  • Completed and verified over 950 year-end Farm/Ranch business analyses for farmers/ranchers.
  • Reviewed, verified, and taught classes for over 25 Year-End South Dakota Annual Reports.


  • Honorary American FFA Degree
  • South Dakota FFA Distinguished Service Award
  • Honorary State FFA Degree
  • Honorary State SDPASO Degree
  • 35 year member of SDAAE 


Roger DeRouchey 

DeRouchey Agricultural & Legal Consulting


Knowledge Base

 My expertise comes from personal, academic and financial experience. I can provide expert witness services in cases centered on agricultural  issues. I can provide expert reports, depose, and testify in trials regarding divorce situations, family land disputes, and civil litigation. I will provide down-to-earth, practical application experience at cost effective rates.

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