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 Roger  DeRouchey knows South Dakota land based on personal, academic and  financial experience.  In addition, and arguably most important, Roger  knows the people that work South Dakota farm land.  Roger's ability to  analyze an issue, from these various perspectives makes him uniquely  qualified to help my clients.  Whether it be non-adversarial estate  valuations or contentious family land disputes, Roger provides well  reasoned recommendations and opinions supported by solid evidence. 

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 I have  used Roger DeRouchey's expert witness services in multiple cases  centered on agricultural issues.  Mr. DeRouchey has provided expert  reports, been deposed and testified in trial in divorce and civil  litigation cases.  Roger is down-to-earth and provides real world  experience with practical application all at cost efficient rates.

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In a  lawsuit we recently tried in Mitchell, South Dakota, Roger was helpful  on issues relating to practical farm and ranch management, was easy to  work with, and offered his expert testimony in a professional manner.   His fees were very reasonable.  When we need guidance on similar issues  in the future, we will call Roger. 

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